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ultra-lightweight folding mobility scooter by tzora

The ultra-lightweight folding mobility scooter Tzora ‘Feather’ is incredibly light in weight and when folded, is much easier to transport when compared to traditional, heavier models. With a push towards freedom and independence, ultra-lightweight folding mobility scooters are one of the best ways to make your way around town.

People who suffer from illnesses and disabilities, such as arthritis and Parkinson’s Disease. And those with difficulty lifting may find these folding mobility scooters to be an easy way to get around. With a folding mobility scooter of this weight, it is much easier to transport when compared to traditional, heavier models.

Accessibility to independence

The need to access mobility, but being restricted by the weight of traditional mobility scooters is a major problem. For many who have limited mobility, but also are restricted by the amount of weight that they can lift, this is always a difficult compromise. There are many ways that you could have restricted mobility, these include.

Arthritis, Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), injuries, etc. An ultra-lightweight folding mobility scooter can be a great option. Unlike wheelchairs that require both hands and feet for operation and balance which can lead to falls, ultra-lightweight folding mobility scooters allow users to maintain their independence and reduce the risk of falls.

Everyone deserves their independence

Travelling about, visiting friends, shopping, exploring the world. These are all important to the mental health and wellbeing of anyone. Being happy is a great way to stay healthy. Being locked inside is one of the main reasons for depression. This past year and a half have been incredibly difficult for everyone. It has been even more difficult for those with disabilities. Getting about isn’t easy when you are disabled and live by yourself. And so it is incredibly important that the needs of so many are catered to.

The Feather mobility scooter

Tzora has created the Feather so that more of the people that love our scooters can enjoy them. The Feather is designed on the blueprint of the Classic, but instead of using tubular steel, it uses flight grade aluminium instead. The Classic is a fantastic model for those who wish to possess a light compact machine. It folds easily, can be stored simply in a cupboard or under the stairs. When you need to you can split it up and lift it more easily into a car boot you can. Travelling by plane is a breeze, as like all our scooters they are certified by all airlines for flying. The Feather achieves all this, with a 30% reduction in weight over the Classic.

Freedom for all

When choosing a mobility scooter it is important to choose the right one. If you need a portable scooter, but most are too heavy for you, an ultra-lightweight scooter could be for you. We at Tzora recognise that many of our clients not only have disabilities , but are getting progressively older. Many who talk to us find lifting any kind of weight to be hard, and so we have responded with the Feather. This will give you all of the benefits of the Classic. These are easy to fold, simple to use, and simple to split into two. Once you have the Feather you will regain your freedom and independence. You can begin to get your life back.

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