Classic-Tzora Mobility Scooters


The Classic mobility scooter is designed to be a compact mobility scooter for easy and quick storage anywhere including of course the boot of your car. The lite model is a folding power scooter, very portable while travelling and considered one of the best lightweight mobility scooters on the market. Indoor at the shopping centre or outdoor with your loved ones, the lite is an excellent foldable scooter for the elderly or one with disability needs. Approved for flight, you will have enhanced independence and mobility. Designed with no connectors, latches or mechanisms to open when folding or unfolding. The Classic mobility scooter is a very easy machine to operate and store. Safe and stable 4 wheel travel mobility scooter, Ergonomically designed for comfort and functionality. Detach the battery pack and carry inside for recharging. Quick and powerful, the compact mobility classic model is highly safe and stable, Folds easily and quickly perfect for everyday chords, Ergonomically designed for comfort and high functionality. Great for indoors and outdoors, flight approved.

Main characteristics: Classic

  • Foldable and disassembled easily and quickly
  • Ergonomic easy to use design
  • Extra comfortable chair
  • Adjustable armrest
  • The chair is docked at 4 points for extra comfort
  • Especially compact and simple storage (including the trunk of your car)
  • Part of the Most lightweight mobility scooters in the market.
  • Very safe and stable
  • 4 wheel
  • Suitable to all-terrain – indoor and outdoor
  • Detachable battery for comfort recharging and weight
  • Flight approved

The Statistics

The Classic mobility scooter can travel 9 miles on one charge. This makes it a great scooter for your shopping needs. Take out your Classic Scooter from your car boot and reassemble. Next travel to the shop you want to go to. Travel around the shop and do your shopping. Once you have paid for your shopping store it in the basket under your seat. Return to your car pack scooter and shopping and return home. Bearing in mind you can take this scooter into shops this is a very fast method from home back to home. There is an adjustable speed dial, this allows you to sort out the best speed for your journey or task.

Why The Classic

A classic mobility scooter is a great folding lightweight scooter. It has stiffer steering than the Elite. Because it has 2 stabilising wheels it has great stability. If you want to be able to travel away from home, and once you get to your destination have the full range it is great. It will allow you to travel from car to the shops and back, whilst also being a better fit for the city. This will extend your range and give you the freedom and independence you are searching for.

Classic lite single seater fold up scooter.

Travel Range after a full charge Speed Details Wheels Dimensions + Technical Data
15km\9.3miles Battery Lead Acid After a full charge of 3-5 hrs
6km \4mph Restricted by law
An especially comfortable chair that is suitable for long rides and adjustable arm rests on either side. *Can be folded and \or disassembled quickly and easily. Neutral Mode for Non Motorised towing and movement . EMB. Electromagnetic Braking system. A basket under the seat
Anti-puncture wheels 1 x large wheel in front 2 x wheels in the rear. Puncture proof Wheels Diameter. 20cm \ 7.87 “ Width 5cm \ 1.9 “ Distance between wheels : Laterally : 57cm \ 22.4 “ Length : 80 cm \ 31.49
Width : 58cm \ 22.83 “ Length : 104cm \ 40.9 “ Height : 86cm \ 33.8 Total Weight 25kg \ 55lbs Folds up into a lite suitcase shape and can disassemble into 2 parts weighing 11kg\24.5lbs and 14.5kg\31.96lbs Dimensions when folded in cm 80 x 57 x 46 Carries maximum weight of 120kg \264.5lbs Technical + Mechanical Specifications: 0.7 Horsepower 0.938 Kilowatts The 24 Volt battery provides 30 Amps i.e. 250-500 Watts . 1x 7kg \ 15lbs Lead Acid removable battery . There is an option of upgrading to a 3.5kg \ 7.7 lbs LITHIUM Battery


Extras Additional

Tzora acid Battery Pack 12AH – 300£ (extra), Tzora Lithium Battery – 500£ (extra) out of stoke!!, Cup Holder For Driving – 20£, Rear View Miror – 20£, Front Basket – 40£

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