Lady on Lite Lexus in supermarket aisle

Portable mobility Scooter

I was stranded without my Portable mobility Scooter

I had to look no further for the best Portable mobility Scooter in the end! It never even occurred to me that I couldn’t take my scooter anywhere until I was able to get out of the house. Now nothing can stop me!

Dreaming of pastures new

I think we can all relate to the feeling of claustrophobia when the first quarantine took place. It’s safe to say that after weeks staying at home, I only had one thing on my mind, to get out, feel the wind in my hair and to run free! As the days dragged on, all I wanted to do was test out my new “all-terrain” mobility scooter. Not a day would go by without me reminiscing about my old haunts and dreaming about pastures new.

Frustration and disappointment

With lockdown over I felt that I could get out again. The next problem was that I couldn’t get my new scooter into the car. I’d struggled for a few hours before realising that it just wouldn’t fit. The disappointment and frustration I felt once I realized that I couldn’t make it out to those places was terrible. I couldn’t get to any place without the scooter fitting in my car, I needed a portable mobility scooter.  I was lucky enough to receive a full refund. That was a small victory compared to the great loss of not being able to get out and about.

Smart searching

It was my granddaughter who told me to change my search from “Mobility Scooters” to “Portable mobility scooter”. From that point onwards, it took me exactly 10 min to find what I was looking for. Honestly, I don’t know what I would do without her.

There was this website that took me to the “top 10 portable mobility scooters”, and I found one that was even cheaper than the previous model I owned, yet not lacking in quality in any shape or form.

Back to my old haunts and pastures new

I am happy to report that within a week I went with my beautiful family to my favourite places. This time without a single hiccup. I could take apart or fold the Portable mobility scooter myself and either way, it fit snuggly in the boot, and it even had room for the picnic basket!

I’ve already been up to those hills more times than I can remember, and I’ll tell ya, those hills looked even greener up-close. I couldn’t help but wander around for hours at a time just to take in all that green. My family aside, there is only one thing I love more than those hills, and that’s the portable mobility scooter that gets me there every time without fail.