off road mobility scooter

off road Mobility Scooter by Tzora. safety and comfort!

The Bigger The Better

During the development of our Titan off road models,  we went with the motto the bigger the better. This is our medium to large mobility scooter range.  With nearly 30 years of experience in medical aid and transportation aid we knew exactly what to do when developing these scooters. The are all-terrain, powerful, durable, safe and top quality mobility scooters.

Flagship Products

Our two titan models the titan 3 and the titan 4 are our flagship products. The medium large off road mobility scooter range is an important class of scooter. We believe that within this class, strength and reliability are key. They should be able to transport you anywhere no matter the terrain or the distance. With a range of 15.5 miles, pnuematic tyres, and wheels with suspension, you have the distance, strength and comfort.

Explore And Enjoy

You can head off into the countryside, or go shopping on the high street. Our Titans are also flight approved by every airline and every airport in the world! The titans are foldable, which means they can be stored in the boot of the car or in the house. These models can also be disassembled for easier storage inside a shed or a garage!

off road Mobility Scooter

In the range of off road mobility scooter, it is important to equip the scooter. We try to think of all the things you could need when going out. The scooters are equipped with:

A strong front light, blinkers, distress lights, horn, ergonomic steering wheel,  4-point docking chair, and suspension, arm rests on both sides and a big basket in the back for easy shopping. You can also add mirrors, a front basket, and a cup holder.

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Our Brand

We have a presence in dozens of countries around the world. Thousands of satisfied customers attest to the quality, safety and comfort of our products. All our models are designed and developed in house. We are so confident in our models that all our products come with 3 years warranty!

Don’t miss your chance and get yours today!

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