Lite Lexus folding scooter

Freedom and mobility

Freedom and mobility with a Tzora Mobility Scooter

Freedom and mobility with a Tzora Mobility Scooter is what we strive to achieve with our different models. After conquering the United States and much of Europe, the acclaimed Tzora Scooters are now making an entry into the UK market. Freedom and mobility are very important for all. Tzora Scooters allow the ability of the individual to choose his path. We founded Tzora with the hope of enabling all people, including the elderly or disabled, to get around the house, roam the neighborhood, and even travel abroad.

Discovering your freedom again

As a young person you began to explore the world – you had your mobility, freedom and independence. As you began to build a family that freedom and independence became less. Once your family grew up you began to achieve your freedom and independence again because you had earned it. You were discovering your freedom again.

Regaining independence

As you get older your body ages and you lose some of that independence. This is where Tzora comes in, we extend your range and the joy of being with your grown family. Whenever or wherever they go you will go too. It doesn’t end there, that refound independence means that you too can explore on your own.

A mobility scooter for all

Tzora realises that you have individual needs, and those needs are reflected in our range of scooters. Every scooter has been designed to fit a different style of life. Do you need to put your scooter on the bus, so that you can shop at the other end? Do you need to walk your dogs in the park? If your family is going on a road trip do you want to join them? Your partner is going out for a walk, do you want to join them? Mobility is the key to all this, and once you have that you also have independence and freedom.