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Electric Mobility by Tzora with 3 years warranty.

Lightweight Folding  

Lite – Folded 4 wheel Mobility scooter

Elite – Divided or folded 3 wheels Mobility scooter

Classic – Divided OR folded 4 wheels

Large (2)

Titan 3– divided 3 wheels Mobility scooter

Titan 4 – divided 4 wheels Mobility scooter

Tzora mobility has been designing and manufacturing the best scooters for over twenty five years. This gives us a massive advantage over our competitors on electric mobility. All our scooters are characterized by electric mobility which means they run on clean electricity with high autonomy, zero carbon emissions and sustainable manner of transportation.

We offer 5 different models divided in two different categories since we understand not everyone has the same needs and our aim is to satisfy everyone’s needs.

Our first category is the easy travel category. The models in this category are extremely lightweight and compact. The three different models in this category are the Lite, The Elite and The Classic. Their electric mobility holds an autonomy of 8 miles and a maximum speed of 6 miles per hour, they have adjustable arms rests on both sides, basket, speed control and ergonomically steering wheel for painless long use.  They also fold and disassemble very easily in order to be taken wherever you need.

The second category is our large powerful category with two of our flagship products the titan 3 and the Titan 4 their electric mobility gives them an autonomy of 19 miles! And a maximum speed of 12 miles per hour. These are mobility scooter electromagnetic brakes making every ride safe and stable. The titan three is a 3 wheel electric mobility scooter giving it lots of flexibility in manoeuvring.  The have a special suspension system in order to be used in every the roughest terrains with special wheels to assure there are no limitations to this strong machines!

What makes Tzora different is our personalized attention to all our clients and their needs. Your experience with us does not end once you walk out the store, we give you 3-year warranty and assist you in anything we can.

Don’t miss your chance and get yours today!