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No Matter Your Needs, Tzora Mobility Scooters Guarantees you a Trusty means of Transportation

Tzora Mobility Scooters design and build great lightweight, practical and beautiful scooters because that is what we have done for the past nearly 3 decades. As these scooters are foldable, they are all easy to use. They are some of the most convenient, storable mobility scooters on the market. With all this knowledge you can enjoy the independence and comfort that our mobility scooters offer. At Tzora we pride ourselves on giving dedicated attention and resources in order to optimise the user experience. In order to ensure the durability of materials while considering complex ergonomic needs, we are constantly improving our products for your ideal mobility.

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As we would like to welcome as many to the Tzora Mobility Scooters family, Tzora is offering 50% off our scooters. As well as still offering our 3 year warranty, we will deliver anywhere in the UK for free. We look forward to you gaining your independence and freedom on a Tzora scooter.


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For almost three decades,
Tzora Electric Mobility Scooters has been designing,

For almost three decades, Tzora Electric Mobility Scooters has been designing, developing and manufacturing the best light-weight, foldable, travel mobility scooters in the market.

You can have it all:

  • drive in any terrain
  • suitable for outdoor or indoor use
  • highly manoeuvrable
  • Designed focusing on everyday life needs of the Adult and Elderly.
  • highest quality standards at a very affordable price
  • flight approved

Tzora Electric mobility scooters are the best mobility scooter for those seeking to find Affordable price, High-performance drive, best human engineering and durable materials.

We designed our Electric mobility scooter with great care for the comfort of Senior populations, Handicap’s special needs and providing ongoing solutions to many Medical institutions and their customers.

We provide the highest safety certificates (FDA and CE), as well as very competitive price so that you can get the highest possible return on your investment.

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